Friends and reasons I need them…

Have you ever thought about the role that friends play in your live? This is obviously my thoughts and my feelings about friendship, but I am pretty sure some of you can relate to me. This bunch of creatures that make me laugh, cry, happy, angry, proud…who don’t share a drop of blood with me, but somehow became so close as if we are related, I call them my friends. Our lives and stories are very different and we all have unique backgrounds and personalities but somehow there is that strong connection between us that keep us together. There are some truths you have to know about my friends or best to say the types of friends that I have:

JOYERS usually the first ones to get a text or a call from me when something good or exciting happens in my life. For me sharing a joy and celebrate it is so much better in the company of friends (“joyers”). The joy is not complete if not shared with your friends.

MOTIVATORS are my biggest cheerleading squad and motivational speakers. When difficult decision needs to be made I have motivators to cheer for me from the sidelines. Even though they may not believe or have the same visions as me, they never get on the way of me achieving that goal.

EYE OPENERS are the type of friends that constantly introducing me to new ideas, cultures, people…help me in so many different ways to open my eyes to new things in life.

SUPPORTERS somehow always find the right words to say when I need it the most. I may doubt my own decisions but never my supporters! They believe in me it helps to build my confidence.

WINERS are always ready to share that $2.99 bottle of wine from Trader Joes with me. Winers can turn my bad day around and turn good day into the best day of my life! I call winers when I need a laugh or when I need to boost my spirits.

KEEPERS are my best personal therapists! We all been through the darkest moments of our lives and who do we turn to during those times? The keepers because no matter what our darkest and deepest secrets are safe with them.

LISTENERS are the only creatures who can tolerate hearing your daily rants (especially the amount of daily complaints). They usually have enormous amount of patience and advice to every problem you may face.

TRAINERS are the best gym buddies, nutrition consultants and personal trainers. I find more motivation to stay healthy and fit when I have my trainers to do it with.

You might say that “I already knew all that and I have friends like that” but that’s not the point I am trying to make – the point is that it’s very important to remind yourself of their importance in your life. Our need in friendship can be compared to the need for food. We love the feeling of being appreciated, needed and being accepted so it’s very crucial to remember to give the same in return. It’s a known fact that one key to your happiness is staying connected in a positive way with a people you care about. We need to make efforts to spend time with your friends, find time to let them know how important they are to you, be grateful because that time together is precious. Friendship is a gift that should be cared for with lots of love.

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